marți, 20 decembrie 2011

Ardei rosii, umpluti cu pasta de branza

Timp de preparare: 25 minute (complexitate redusa) Ingrediente: 10 ardei rosii mai mici150 gr de branza telemea100 gr branza de burduf100 gr de smantana1 legatura de marar100 gr de untse poate adauga optional si 2-3 catei de usturoiPentru design:cateva frunze de salata verde, cateva fasii de ardei verde, cateva rosii cherry, o ridichie, cateva feliute de ceapa rosie si un varf de morcov din care se face o floare, ca in fotografiile alaturate. Mod de preparare: Se spala, taie in jumatati si se...articol complet

Un comentariu:

  1. Oh yeah...hear the thunder of those DARK HORSEMEN , now.
    They're all high tailing it to the nearest lawyer with pleas.
    And REDPATHS with RED BUBBLES lead the way!
    Look at TONTO!
    Look at WHOA NELLY!
    Wtf going on?
    Wanna know?
    GROSS collapses with " MUMMY", and so does SHERYL CROW.
    And a close ENDISCO is ROSSYWAR!
    GO GET'EM you fuckin' PED!
    UM and MP3 colliding with LOUISIANA!
    And back at the " post" is TEA.
    They still don't RELLY get it.
    And probably, never will.
    But BERRIRO sure do.
    So does CK.
    Because all along it was ACE that jumped the gun.
    And so it doesn't even matter if there are FREAKSB and CANDYMAN.
    What really matters are all the calories in PRELIENS.
    There can only be so many RESPINS.
    And so many WEASHY - WASHY .
    PARTHA knows this to be true.
    Right RUTH?
    Right STAN?


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